Google I/O 2013

This week is Google I/O. I usually go to this conference, barring a shortage of the tickets. This year though, the due date of the baby sits around this time, so we figured that it would probably not be a good idea for me to be away. I didn't even bother with the ticket lottery this year. Given that fact, I am convinced that the baby will arrive in the next day or so, either during or immediately after the conference. While everyone is getting swag this year, I will probably be getting a baby! :-)

Yesterday's keynote was very interesting with lots of announcements and upgrades to Google Services.
The key ones of note for me are:

  • Google+ updated look and the ability to auto hashtag and discover deeper with other posts
  • Google+ Photos updated with new features like Highlights, Auto Enhance, and Auto Awesome
  • Google Maps update to integrate with other location products like StreetView, Earth, and personal maps
  • Hangouts is the new messenger tying together all of the messaging services that they offer and now on iOS too!
  • There were other things too, but the above were the ones I thought that would have the most impact for me.

All in all, while there weren't that many announcements for Project Glass and Android (And I was looking for updates), I think the announced changes with Google+, Maps, and Hangouts will come in handy when I am off from work with the baby and want to explore the web, publish content, and connect with friends.

These are exciting times and I look forward to seeing what else Google will bring to the table.
This I/O isn't even over yet, and I can't wait to maybe go next year!