Diaper Run Zero

Just completed Diaper Run Zero! It’s not DR1 because the baby is still loading, but stuff is on sale now! - @wiredfatherhood

Over the weekend, we went to our local drug store chain looking for our usual stuff, and we came upon a deal. We saw that the Huggies Pure & Natural Diapers were on sale. To my earlier post about how it is a good idea to pre-buy baby gear, we decided to action on it and stock up.

My wife has been looking at this brand and type for a while now. All of the reviews online seem to be good. I don't know about the details, but with disposable diapers, I know that there are generally two brands to look at. When I was young, my parents had tried Pampers but had mixed results. I have asked my friends and all of them buy Huggies for their kids. Comments about Huggies in general ranged from, "it can hold more poop" to "it keeps everything dryer". Also, another interesting tidbit of information that I got about diapers was that, the weights recommendations are useless. The minute it starts pooping, you need to go up a size. I am glad that it's the case, because we bought less newborn sized diapers than size 1s.

So with the diapers at 37.5% off we were fairly happy with our purchase. What surprised us was that they were also giving out a pair of movie tickets if you are spending over $75. With the movie tickets, it made this a spectacular deal. We go to the movies enough to make use of this, especially since we have some movies that we are very keen on watching. Each ticket here is ~$13 dollars plus tax, we can assume that's like $30 dollars worth of tickets. With all of these factored into the per bag cost, we are looking at about ~$6 dollars for a bag.

We thought that it was such a good deal that we drove to another one on the way home and picked up another set of diapers and tickets. So with our purchases, I think we are good for two months worth of diapers at the beginning and also two date night movies post-baby.

Not bad for an impromptu Diaper Run! Now we need to figure where to store this stuff...