6 Months!

Here are some updates from the last month:

  • Locomotion - Evelyn's primary method of locomotion is rolling/crawling. Last month it was primiarily rolling, but this month, she is beginning to crawl. When she sees something she wants, she reaches for it and if it still interests her after not being able to get it, she'll start to move towards it by semi-crawling. Sometimes she would try to move forward for a bit, and then seeing that she doesn't go anywhere, she kinda flops down on one side and then gets back up. Surprisingly, that gets her an inch or so closer to her target. She'll repeat this a couple of times until she has the object in her hand. Currently, she will crawl for mom, tags, and phones.
  • Babbling - Every now and then, we hear "mama mama" or "dada". We aren't sure if she is actually calling out for us, but I'd like to think that she is. :-p
  • Sitting Up - She's starting to be able to maintain a sitting position on her own. She can now last about couple of minutes until she gets bored and leans backwards to get back down on her back. An alternative to exiting the sitting positions is when she sees something in front of her, she'll lean forward and crawl(-ish) out to it.
  • Sleeping Through the Night - Generally speaking, she goes to sleep at around 8pm and wakes up at around 7am. Not bad. I wish I could get that much sleep... Sometimes though, it's strange, she'll wake up repeatedly through the night and we can't figure out why. We suspect it's the ambient noise outside of her room, or us clanging dishes, or us having the dryer going. While I would like to find out what's causing her to wake up like that, I think I'd rather live with the mystery and sleeping happily through the night, instead of staying up with her crying to figure it out...
  • Weaning - We have started make our own baby food by boiling down some apples, pears, and carrots to mash up and feed her with. She seems to really like carrots and is partial to the apples and pears. We think that it's because boiled down apple and pear are a little bit tart. She has this interesting face when she is eating the apple and pear, it's really cute but I am pretty sure she doesn't really appreciate it. We also got her a sippy cup so she can drink some water to go with her "solids". The lip and handle are stained a little bit orange now with the carrots that's she eating, but she seems to know how to hold the handles and to put it in her mouth. Next thing for her to realize is probably how gravity works and how it'll help with getting water from the cup.
  • Toys - She likes to play with her toys a lot... I guess it's more like she really likes chewing them, so far her favorites have been Mr. Octopus, Sophie, and this turtle thingy with plastic star shaped rings hanging off of it. On a side note, we got a new toy too, Google Glass! We'll be using it to take lots of pictures of her growing up. More on this in another post!

That's it for now.