5 Months!

Another month flies by, Evelyn is growing up so fast. A bunch of our friends all recently had kids (Congrats to JT, JS, AW, LC, NG!), and seeing the pictures of their little ones brings back the memories of when Evelyn was a new orn. While we miss her being so tiny in our arms, we are very glad that she has grown into a sturdy infant with character and sass.

Here are some updates from the last month:

  • Locomotion - Currently, Evelyn's primary method of locomotion is rolling. She manages to roll all around her crib and start from being placed in the middle parallel to the side, and then some how finish at an end perpendicular to the side. She is pretty quick at it too - we would put her down on her play mat, and then, in the time that it took for us to get up, she would have managed to do one and a half rotations, from her back to her front to her back and to her front again, off of the mat. She has also started to want to crawl. She tries to push herself up with her arms and her little feet would be looking for traction with something, but when she doesn't get anywhere, she'll sometimes whine or scream out of frustration.
  • Babbling - When Evelyn is frustrated or whining about something, she has started to babble. This used to be just a long continuous cry, but now the cry has syllables, turning "wwwwhhhhhhaaaaa" to "wawah wahwah waah wawah". She has also started to use /m/ and /b/ for "ma" and "ba". I have been trying to get her to do /d/ for "da", but apparently, this sound comes later in articulatory development.
  • Sitting Up - She's starting to be able to maintain a sitting position on her own. She can last about 10 seconds or so before she starts to flop over. Most of the time though, she doesn't even want to sit still and will start grabbing the toys that she sees in front of her. We've been using the Mama & Papa's floor seat with her that she seems to like! You can only have her sit in your lap for so long before she'll wiggle out...
  • Sleeping Through the Night - A recent development was that she is able to sleep through the night. It was a really rough weekend when we took her off of the night feedings, but it was worth it. We now put her to bed at around 7:30 or so, and then we do a dream feed at 10-11. After that, she's good until the morning at around 8 am (on the good nights). On the not so good nights, she'll wake up once to be patted/soothed back to bed. Both Helen and I are very happy to have Evelyn sleep through the night. It is so refreshing to be able to sleep for more than 4 continuous hours at a time and we didn't realize how sleep deprived we were.
  • Weaning - Our pediatrician said that we can look at transitioning her to rice cereal. No, rice cereal is not Rice Krispies (Yeah, I had the same question). We tried it for a bit, but ended up deciding to wait a little longer since it made her really constipated and bloated which disrupted the coveted "sleeping through the night".
  • Clothing Size - It's amazing. She is growing so fast! She is only 5 months old, but she is now fitting into clothes for 9-12 months. She's a very long/tall and now sturdy baby. We didn't expect that she would be growing out of things so soon, so we had to update her wardrobe and also plan for the colder weather.
  • Drooling - There is SO MUCH drool. It's incredible, no matter how much we try to wipe it up, she manages to soak her bib or the handkerchief and have it glisten on her chin and neck again in no time. I am guessing that this is a precursor to teeth.
  • Nomming on Anything - She has begun to reach for her toes and chew on them. She has also begun to reach for whatever she can and chew on that too. Toes - Chew. Books - Chew. Toys - Chew. Fingers - Chew. Furniture - Chew. Sophie - Double Chew.

That's it for now.