3 Months!

And with that, we are a week or so over 3 months!
I think I have to reiterate that these last three months has been one of the most trying times in my life. There were many challenges to overcome, not because of Evelyn herself, she has been good (most of the time), but setting up all of the infrastructure that is required to support this little person. That, along with the lack of sleep, shorter temper (because of lack of sleep), and the constant worrying about whether or not you are doing a good job. It's quite stressful, I don't know how my grandparents did this with 6+ kids!

But when the dishes are washed, the laundry has started, the day job is managed, she is fed and happy, all is said and done, I have her in my arms, and she looks up at me and smiles because she recognizes me, I realize that it's all worth it.
After she is fast asleep in her crib, and I am unwinding with some beverage late at night, I am excited for the future and can't wait until she grows older. I think of all the adventures we'll have and the places we will go. While it makes me want a fast forward button, I know (and I have been told) that I'll need to cherish these moments when they are like this.

This past week has been particularly tough because of the constant night feeding that she required. I know Helen is at wit's end trying to stay awake and alert. From 6 pm until 6 am, she basically wakes up and cries every 2 hours wanting some milk. Apparently this is normal for a growth spurt. Usually, she wakes up and smiles at you and then starts to show signs of hunger. These bi-hourly wake up calls are not as sweet. You go from sleeping baby, to non-stop hunger crying, do not pass go, do not collect $200. The only way that she will calm down is with some milk, and then she goes right back to sleep.

Some additional notes:

  • She can recognize us now! She'll look around and then when she catches our face in her field of view, she'll chuckle and move around in a sort of happy dance kind of way.
  • She is laughing and chuckling.
  • Tummy Time, designed to build up neck and core strength, has been interesting. You have to flip her on her belly and make sure that her airway is not obstructed while she is trying to exercise those muscles. Last month, she would not be able to hold her head up for more than a couple of seconds. Her head would drop and she would start crying. This month, she is able to hold her head up for over a minute. It's quite impressive when you have her on her belly, and is looking up and smiling at you. Sometimes she even doesn't use her hands and she's doing the superman lifting both her head and her feet.
  • Because of the work done with tummy time, her neck is now strong enough so that I can put her front facing on the Stokke MyCarrier. I can now walk around the house and outdoors and she can see what I see!
  • Growth spurts suck...

Chin up!