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Ethan @ One

Hands Up?!

Hands Up?!

Time for an Ethan Update!
I can’t believe it’s been a year. It only seemed like yesterday that Evelyn met Ethan for the first time when we brought him home. It has been a rough year, learning that juggling two kids is much more difficult than one, re-learning things that we thought we would remember but didn’t, and all packed in with some pretty big changes throughout the year, like moving to a new house…

Here are the latest updates for Ethan:

  • Wow, what a difference it made when he was nearing the one year mark. It almost feels like he grew up overnight. He’s expressing himself more, he understands when you ask him things (like show waiting), he knows what he wants, oh, and he’s just as stubborn as the rest of the family. lol.
  • Right now, he’s crawling around pretty quickly. He’s also fairly adept at cruising when standing up. One time I saw him hugging a wall like Spider-Man, it looked like he was scaling the wall moving horizontally to the door. The teachers at daycare are saying now that he is on the cusp of walking. Can’t wait until we have to chase after him #sarcasm.
  • As of recently, he eats just about anything. We keep him away from seafood just as a precaution. His teeth have come in, two on top and bottom, and more on the way. So we have been giving him solid foods that he’s loving. With Evelyn, we had a phase where she liked pureed stuff, but with Ethan, he wouldn’t have it. He didn’t like purees at all and skipped right to solids, even when he didn’t have teeth!
  • And just as we remembered it, teething sucks…
  • He’s growing pretty long but he’s pretty sturdy. I remember there was a time just before a year, when I picked him up and realized that he wasn’t the fragile baby he once was. He had quite a heft to him and he felt strong in my arms. A recent illness thinned him out a little, but he looks so grown up now, even compared to these first year pictures.
  • Car rides have been fun – he wants our attention a lot during the longer rides. This is probably because he is still backwards facing and he gets bored with the scenery. At times, I want to flip him over to the front because I feel that it would make his car ride experience a lot more enjoyable, being able to see us and what’s going in the direction we are moving. But safety first… So until he grows even taller and heavier, he’ll have to settle for Evelyn passing snacks and being the entertainment (it’s so cute by the way).

Recently, we worked again with Trayc from Blue Rooster Studio for Ethan’s First Year Shoot. Here are some pictures from the shoot:

On another note, I am working on the site redesign.
I need to update the banners and some of the drawings.
First though, I am trying to learn how to draw more than just stick figures and boxes!
Hopefully, I’ll have some concepts and drawings to share soon.

That’s it for now.

Year One! + 4 months…

She's ONE!

She’s ONE! BTW, this balloon lasted until I put this post up… It’s incredible.

I had prepared a big Year One post at the first year and started writing before my schedule kinda went to crap. I never got the chance to finish the post but I will post what I had written so far and update it with with the last 4 months. This is going to be a long post! Here’s what I had:

— Year One Draft —
Year One! I can’t believe that it is already been a year! Time really flies when you are having fun and/or quite possibly sleep deprived. This week has been a big week for us, as we geared up for the long weekend and also the events for Evelyn’s Birthday. We had guests over and the grill has been on, non-stop! Mmm…

Anyways, as for Evelyn, there has been some significant milestones that we hit in this last month of her first year.

  • Locomotion – Evelyn took her first steps! We were so ecstatic that we were both there to see it. She was holding on to her toy station and wanted us to pick her up. Instead of just picking her up on the spot, we motioned for her to come our way, just out of reach for her hands. She took 3-5 steps before collapsing into our arms. While it was a short walk, it’s one small step for Evelyn, one giant leap for progress. Since then, she has been happily pushing her cart around the house and have even figured out how to get unstuck when its rammed against the wall. It’s amazing looking at her and seeing how quickly she is growing. It’s hard to think that a year ago, she was just a baby swaddled in a crib that could have fit 9 of her!
  • Weaning/Eating – The journey continues to get her off of the breast milk. We weren’t quite sure how we would do it. Would we go cold turkey? Or slowly ween her off of it by eliminating feeds one by one over the course of a month. We still haven’t really decided yet, but the goal right now is to get her to sleep through the night without waking up and wanting to feed. She tried organic whole milk this month too, and she hates it. The first sip was ok, and then the aftertaste kicked in and she refused to take any more. I ended up drinking the rest of it. It was really good and I was surprised how good local organic milk is. It was totally like the scene is Ratatouille when Anton Ego went back to his childhood. For me, I remembered back in the day when the milk came in jars at school, it was so yummy. Anyways, I guess the challenge now is to see how we can sneak it into her diet and slowly cultivate the appreciation for this kind of milk.
  • Daycare – Daycare has been great. When we pick her up, we get these report cards that talk about what they did, and it seems that she is interacting more with her teachers and peers.
  • First illness – I think she has more or less fully recovered from the actual thing that she was sick from. She has been energetic, expressive, and continues to challenge our limits, in terms of having to chase after her and making sure she isn’t getting into trouble. The only thing that doesn’t seem to be going away is a runny nose and, likely due to the runny nose, a lingering cough in the morning. We are still trying to get her used to having her nose wiped and not smearing that stuff everywhere as a reflex.

— Year One Draft End —

Some pictures and the +4 months update after the jump!
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Newborn Photo Shoot

The photos from the newborn shoot are now available! As always, Trayc did a great job and we really liked the photos. I posted a behind the scenes last week and its very interesting to see it from both perspectives. Here is a selection of the pictures:

Thanks again Trayc, we are looking forward to working with you again in the future!


Newborn Photo Shoot – Behind the Scenes



Last week we scheduled our newborn photo shoot with our photographer, the wonderful Ms. Trayc Dudgeon of Blue Rooster Studio. She had done our maternity shoot a while back (see some of the highlights here). This is the second part of the package that we picked. It is a newborn photo shoot scheduled shortly after her birth. Due to the long drive and some traditions that we are trying to follow, we did not make the trek to her studio, but instead had her come over to do the shoot in the comfort of our home.

This time she brought along her assistant, Shelly, to help out with transforming our living room into her studio. Luckily, we have large windows at our place and we were able to use it to get some pretty good natural lighting. When we opened our door, we saw that Trayc was well prepared with props, backdrops, and lighting equipment. The surprising part wasn’t the amount of equipment (though it was shocking how much stuff they brought), but how she managed to unpack everything, rearrange some furniture, and was ready to go in such a short amount of time.

From my limited experience, I think babies and photographs are generally easy IF and ONLY IF you are taking pictures of them doing what comes natural to them, e.g. eating, sleeping, etc. However, when it comes to posing and positioning them, it can be quite challenging. We sometimes have trouble having her hold still while we try to swaddle her in blankets and changing her diaper. She manages to ‘Houdini’ an arm free or have her whole body in an odd angle that requires us to re-wrap her. Furthermore, because of their lack of motor control, babies are generally unable to keep a position for long. Despite these challenges, Trayc and her assistant had no trouble with Evelyn and managed to coax some very good shots out of her.

Similar to the maternity photo shoot, I was more or less a prop in the whole process as the focus was on Evelyn. So again, when I was not busy as a prop, I was able to get some behind the scenes shots. Here are some shots I took from behind the scenes:

Again, it was a pleasure working with them. We are excited to see how these photos turned out and look forward to getting them printed and placed around the house!


Maternity Photo Shoot

The photos from the maternity shoot last month are available now! Trayc did a great job and we really liked them. I posted teaser a while back with one of my behind the scenes. It was a blast photographing the behind the scenes and seeing how it links up with the final result. Anyways, here are some of the pictures:

Thanks again Trayc, we are looking forward to working with you again for the newborn shoot in a few months!