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Week 2 – Of forgetfulness and always being late…


Evelyn happily falling asleep

With the blink of an eye, the second week of parenthood is over.
This week was a bit more challenging as my vacation time was over and I had to get myself back to a regular schedule. It isn’t that bad, with the exception of having to stay awake. Since I was up well before the regular schedule wake time (due to a crying baby), it wasn’t hard to just stay up and get ready for work.

The hardest part comes when baby decides that it demands your attention right before you have to leave the house. Any schedule that you thought you had no longer exists, you drop everything to figure out and solve the baby’s problem first, and then continue on your ‘current’ tasks. Further complications to this cycle comes from the lack of continuous sleep that we had enjoyed prior to Evelyn’s arrival. Because of this, ‘current’ tasks tend to get forgotten after she is back soundly asleep… :-S

There were lots of lessons learned this week, some of them are:

  • You can’t have both parents up to deal with the kid at all times, it’s not sustainable
  • Diaper changing is an art form, more on this in a later post
  • A live cam feed accessible via the internet is a little distracting, but comforting
  • If you sit a lot and eat to stay awake, you will easily gain back pounds loss from the trials and tribulations of week 1
  • Plan to leave the house an hour earlier the usual ‘Plan To Leave’ time. Chances are, you’ll still be late, but you just won’t be late as much…
  • Next time I put together a nursery, I would strongly consider putting a sink in there…

To everyone out there, I apologize in advance for being late in the coming days, weeks, months, and years…