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My MacBook Pro Fusion Upgrade

I had already put in a 500GB 7200rpm Seagate in this way back when I was running out of space. So the next thing to do is to upgrade the hard drive. Furthermore, because of the decline use of the Superdrive, i.e. haven’t used it in 3 years, I decided to swap it out and put a hard drive chassis in there as well so that I can have a bit more space.

This is where the interesting thing happened, I had read online about how to make a Fusion Drive if you managed to have an internal solid state drive (SSD) and an internal hard drive (HD). The concept of the Fusion Drive is simple, pair an SSD together with an HD and use it so that the frequently accessed data is usually on the SSD. So the ‘usual’ speed of data access is that of the SSD, but it allows for a larger storage at a slower speed if you ever need to access that information again in the future.
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My MacBook Pro History

There’s actually a lot of history with my MacBook Pro. This is probably my oldest computer that I use frequently and has not been relegated to become a server or something. This computer is from Late 2008! That to me is like at least 5 generations old! I tend to flip computers anywhere from 6 months to a year back when the iterations seem significant to the user. Nowadays, things are just getting faster and the technology is more evolutionary than revolutionary. So my practice of upgrading has kinda stopped in the recent months.

Anyways, about this computer, I started with wanting to buy one from the Apple Refurbished Store back in 2009, but an interesting thing happened. The computer that came in the mail worked for a little bit, but after some investigating, I found that it was defective. After booking an appointment with Apple, I showed up to the Apple store expecting that they will do an awesome job fixing it as usual. However, when the tech looked at the Serial info, they didn’t have any record of it. And upon checking the hardware stickers, they found that it didn’t match and everyone was puzzled. Eventually, a manager was called and they suggested a resolution. They were going to sell me one of their older MacBooks (the same model as the one I ordered) that they were going to be sending back because they had received their new refresh models. After some deliberation, I took the deal as I could apply my Student discount and get a load of student perks from it (new iPod, new Printer). I returned the refurbished device and went on my merry way.

2009 MacBook Pro in 2009

Fresh New 2009 MacBook Pro in 2009

One curious piece of info for the MacBook aficionados out there, running the serial number shows that it is the MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2008) version (5,1), but it sports a 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and it has a removable battery. This combination according to wiki doesn’t exist in Late 2008.

Anyways, this MacBook is what I am using a the primary tool for writing in this blog. Over the last couple of years, as we go through wipes and new operating systems, felt that the laptop was getting slower, so I have been slowly upgrading it over the years. The last one was done a while ago where I bumped up the RAM to 8GB and replaced the hard drive to a Seagate 7200rpm 500GB hard drive. Since then, I have been just slowly chugging along having it do my photos in Aperture. Recently, with some strange behavior for the video card, whirring of the fans and the overall slowness, I decided to do a wipe and refresh everything again. This wipe will also give me the opportunity to go ahead and upgrade the last piece, the hard drive.

Hopefully, after the upgrade, it won’t still look like this…

2009 MacBook Pro in 2013

Old and Tired 2009 MacBook Pro now in 2013

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