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Ethan @ One

Hands Up?!

Hands Up?!

Time for an Ethan Update!
I can’t believe it’s been a year. It only seemed like yesterday that Evelyn met Ethan for the first time when we brought him home. It has been a rough year, learning that juggling two kids is much more difficult than one, re-learning things that we thought we would remember but didn’t, and all packed in with some pretty big changes throughout the year, like moving to a new house…

Here are the latest updates for Ethan:

  • Wow, what a difference it made when he was nearing the one year mark. It almost feels like he grew up overnight. He’s expressing himself more, he understands when you ask him things (like show waiting), he knows what he wants, oh, and he’s just as stubborn as the rest of the family. lol.
  • Right now, he’s crawling around pretty quickly. He’s also fairly adept at cruising when standing up. One time I saw him hugging a wall like Spider-Man, it looked like he was scaling the wall moving horizontally to the door. The teachers at daycare are saying now that he is on the cusp of walking. Can’t wait until we have to chase after him #sarcasm.
  • As of recently, he eats just about anything. We keep him away from seafood just as a precaution. His teeth have come in, two on top and bottom, and more on the way. So we have been giving him solid foods that he’s loving. With Evelyn, we had a phase where she liked pureed stuff, but with Ethan, he wouldn’t have it. He didn’t like purees at all and skipped right to solids, even when he didn’t have teeth!
  • And just as we remembered it, teething sucks…
  • He’s growing pretty long but he’s pretty sturdy. I remember there was a time just before a year, when I picked him up and realized that he wasn’t the fragile baby he once was. He had quite a heft to him and he felt strong in my arms. A recent illness thinned him out a little, but he looks so grown up now, even compared to these first year pictures.
  • Car rides have been fun – he wants our attention a lot during the longer rides. This is probably because he is still backwards facing and he gets bored with the scenery. At times, I want to flip him over to the front because I feel that it would make his car ride experience a lot more enjoyable, being able to see us and what’s going in the direction we are moving. But safety first… So until he grows even taller and heavier, he’ll have to settle for Evelyn passing snacks and being the entertainment (it’s so cute by the way).

Recently, we worked again with Trayc from Blue Rooster Studio for Ethan’s First Year Shoot. Here are some pictures from the shoot:

On another note, I am working on the site redesign.
I need to update the banners and some of the drawings.
First though, I am trying to learn how to draw more than just stick figures and boxes!
Hopefully, I’ll have some concepts and drawings to share soon.

That’s it for now.

Four Months!



With four months under our belts, it is amazing to think that a third of Evelyn’s first year has already gone by. Thinking back on it, I feel like that it went by really fast and slow at the same time. I think I feel this way because things ARE happening really fast, but because I am sleep deprived dealing with everything, it feels like it has relatively been slower and longer than usual.

Updates from the growth spurt
In what seems like overnight, both Helen and I think that Evelyn has grown longer by a couple of centimeters from the growth spurt. Her grip is stronger and overall, she seems sturdier than before. We won’t know what her new weight is until we visit her pediatrician later this week, but we expect that has gone up a bit too. With a stronger neck and overall posture, we have started to sit her up on our laps, lift her up into the air, and recently, we put her in the Jumperoo. She was so excited that she tired herself out and was starting to fall asleep during her bath time.

Thanks for the Jumperoo, Uncle A!

Thanks for the Jumperoo, Uncle A!

Sleep and feeding changes
The aftermath of the growth spurt feeding schedule was that Evelyn got into the habit of snacking in the middle of the night. Previously, she was able to sleep from 8:00 -8:30 pm to 8:00 am with one dream feed between 10:00 or 11:00 pm and one night feeding around 3:00 – 4:00 am. Immediately after the growth spurt, she continued to wake up every two hours until we realized that she wasn’t actually hungry. So we tried a day or two where we didn’t feed her during any of her night wakings and trying to put her back to bed with patting and gentle coaxing. This process was extremely exhausting, much worse than waking to feed her. However, it did seem to work! After about three days of this, she was well on her way back to her pre-growth spurt schedule. We even had two nights where she slept at 8:30 pm and woke at 8:00 am with only a dream feed in between. We have been trying to get her back to this state ever since. It’s like getting a hole in one and double paring every hole afterwards (I miss golf).

Tummy time success
According to our parents, both my wife and I started to roll over at around 5 months. Evelyn seems to be hitting her milestones a bit earlier than us. We think it’s because of the general push for “tummy time” that child development specialists advise nowadays. We started to put Evelyn more on her tummy which was usually before feedings. (We don’t do tummy time after feedings because she’ll likely spit up – even up to an hour or more after a feed.) When we asked our parents if we ever had tummy time, they both replied that nobody did that back in the day for fear of suffocation. These last couple of days of month three, she has started to roll onto her tummy all on her own. She has yet to master rolling back on her own, but I am sure she’ll catch on eventually. I guess the initial screaming and crying during tummy time really paid off!

The new schedule
I have said before how your schedule is no longer your own, but I didn’t realize to what extent. All I can say is that we totally understand why parents of young children have to leave dinners so early now. Sadly, we also totally understand why new parents cancel some social obligations because sometimes, between sleep deprivation, logistics, finding childcare, etc., it is just easier not to go… Our catching up with friends used to take place over dinner at a nice restaurant on a weeknight. Those nights are now just few and far between. Evelyn’s schedule is like clockwork – at around 7:30 pm, she will start fussing and complaining about still being up. This may escalate to full-blown screaming and crying unless she is either in the bath, getting fed, or being put down to bed. Given that, either we have an early 5:00 pm dinner or we have to call in the cavalry and have our parents watch her while we are out for a more “normal” 8 pm dinner. Thinking about it, it is understandable that she behaves this way… how would you like being out at a noisy restaurant and getting overstimulated when all you want to do is sleep? Also important to note here that her timely circadian rhythm is much more preferred to a confused one where day becomes night and no one gets any sleep.

Some Additional Notes:

  • She no longer likes to sit in her bouncer or swing on the side lines while we eat. She lets us know that she wants to sit with us at the dining table and watch us while we all eat.
  • She started to dislike her infant car seat and it was becoming heavy for us to carry her with it. She would cry every time we went to strap her into it and often wouldn’t sleep in the car at all, which she used to love to do. So we upgraded her to a 3-in-1 car seat still in the rear facing configuration. It’s a bit roomier for her and so far, she is able to fall asleep again in the car and our backs thank us for this decision.
  • We have now retired about a “Banker’s Box” of infant clothes. She is now wearing clothes labeled for 6-9 months.
  • She is also showing a strong preference for us and her home. When being cared for by anyone besides her parents at home, she usually does well. However, out of our apartment, she usually needs to be able to see one of us, or she will be more fussy.
  • She really likes sleeping a particular way in her crib. No matter what position we put her in to start with, she manages to shimmy herself to that exact same spot without fail.
  • We think that she is in the beginning stages of teething. Everything goes into the mouth, her chin is always glistening with drool, and if you put a finger in her mouth, she sometimes chomps on it! So we bought her Sophie the Giraffe and she has been om-nomming on that like a drumstick. We can see why most parents are always being given this at showers, etc. Babies seem to love it!
Evelyn meets Sophie for the first time. 'Mmm... Chicken...'

Evelyn meets Sophie for the first time. ‘Mmm… Chicken…’

Looking forward to more milestones in the coming weeks.
Add Oil Evelyn!

P.S. Add Oil – 加油 – A Chinese expression of encouragement, often heard during sporting events or right before exams.

3 Months!

3 Months

3 Months

And with that, we are a week or so over 3 months!
I think I have to reiterate that these last three months has been one of the most trying times in my life. There were many challenges to overcome, not because of Evelyn herself, she has been good (most of the time), but setting up all of the infrastructure that is required to support this little person. That, along with the lack of sleep, shorter temper (because of lack of sleep), and the constant worrying about whether or not you are doing a good job. It’s quite stressful, I don’t know how my grandparents did this with 6+ kids!

But when the dishes are washed, the laundry has started, the day job is managed, she is fed and happy, all is said and done, I have her in my arms, and she looks up at me and smiles because she recognizes me, I realize that it’s all worth it.
After she is fast asleep in her crib, and I am unwinding with some beverage late at night, I am excited for the future and can’t wait until she grows older. I think of all the adventures we’ll have and the places we will go. While it makes me want a fast forward button, I know (and I have been told) that I’ll need to cherish these moments when they are like this.

This past week has been particularly tough because of the constant night feeding that she required. I know Helen is at wit’s end trying to stay awake and alert. From 6 pm until 6 am, she basically wakes up and cries every 2 hours wanting some milk. Apparently this is normal for a growth spurt. Usually, she wakes up and smiles at you and then starts to show signs of hunger. These bi-hourly wake up calls are not as sweet. You go from sleeping baby, to non-stop hunger crying, do not pass go, do not collect $200. The only way that she will calm down is with some milk, and then she goes right back to sleep.

Some additional notes:

  • She can recognize us now! She’ll look around and then when she catches our face in her field of view, she’ll chuckle and move around in a sort of happy dance kind of way.
  • She is laughing and chuckling.
  • Tummy Time, designed to build up neck and core strength, has been interesting. You have to flip her on her belly and make sure that her airway is not obstructed while she is trying to exercise those muscles. Last month, she would not be able to hold her head up for more than a couple of seconds. Her head would drop and she would start crying. This month, she is able to hold her head up for over a minute. It’s quite impressive when you have her on her belly, and is looking up and smiling at you. Sometimes she even doesn’t use her hands and she’s doing the superman lifting both her head and her feet.
  • Because of the work done with tummy time, her neck is now strong enough so that I can put her front facing on the Stokke MyCarrier. I can now walk around the house and outdoors and she can see what I see!
  • Growth spurts suck…

Tummy Time

Tummy Time

Chin up!