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Nursery Complete!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, it’s been pretty busy the last couple of days as we are in the busiest part of the schedule preparing for the arrival of our baby. After getting the furniture (crib, dresser, rocker) in there, we had to sort out the decor and decide where to put everything. We also needed to figure out what to wash and put into the dresser. My wife wanted to be prepared and also packed her hospital bag, the baby’s hospital bag, and even my overnight bag…

New additions into the nursery are:

  • Sock Monkey
  • Sleep Sheep
  • Fisher Price Discover ‘N Grow Twinkling Lights Projection Mobile
  • Framed Four Seasons Cross Stitched Pictures
  • Alphabet Poster
  • Storage Boxes
  • Changing Pad
  • Shelves
  • Air Purifier
  • Carpet
  • Framed Baby Shower Cards
  • Mushroom Lamp
  • Baby’s First Years Picture Frame
  • Lots of Diapers

And here’s a look into our nursery at night:

It was an awesome fun experience trying to make sure everything was leveled and in line.
Now, all we have to do in terms of the nursery is to wait…


The Nursery – Part 3 – Unboxing and Assembly

This is a continuation of Part 1 and Part 2 of the Nursery Series.

Once the furniture boxes was inside of the apartment, it was time to move all of the desks out of the office and into our new office. One of the desks is relatively easy to move. It can be taken apart and it’s pretty light. The other one is definitely trickier. It’s heavy and was pulled out of shape in the last move. It had caught on the carpet last time and I pulled it a bit harder than I should have, so the rectangular desk shifted a little into a rhombus… This time, we had to be super careful while moving the desk out of the room. It was a tight fit through the doors and eventually into the new office.

With the old office cleared out, it was wonderful. I brought back memories of first moving in, with all the open space and sunlight coming into the room. Here is what the room looked like:

The New Space for the Nursery

The New Space for the Nursery

The Crib
The first thing to set up is the Crib. As I mentioned before, we had purchased this crib a while back when it was on sale. It’s the Baby Cache Heritage Cherry Lifetime Crib. We wanted something classic that would match the rest of our furniture. We also wanted something that could grow with our baby and be able to be used even after it gets older. This crib can be transformed into a double bed with a conversion kit. When we opened the box, we were very surprised to see how well it was packaged. The instructions were easy and everything felt sturdy once it was put together. See below for some pictures of the crib unboxing.

Tightly Packed Crib - Some Assembly Required

Tightly Packed Crib – Some Assembly Required

Assembled Crib

Assembled Crib

The Dresser
The next thing to set up was the dresser, Baby Cache Heritage Cherry Double Dresser. We were deciding between this double dresser or the combo dresser, but we decided on this one because it was bigger and it would allow us to use this as a changing table as well. It was a beast to move this item around, but it was for good reason. The whole thing was preassembled and packed really really well. We just had to cut away the box, and move the dresser into the nursery. See below for some pictures of the dresser unboxing.

Very Well Packed Dresser

Very Well Packed Dresser

Unboxed Dresser

Unboxed Dresser

The Nursery
With the main items in the nursery, we needed to move the other items in. The first thing in the room was the rocking chair, which now looks out on the lake. It will serve nicely as bonding space and a place to rock both us and the baby to sleep. All that is left is to decorate and load it up with the baby supplies that we have been keeping in the cache. Here’s a picture of the semi finished nursery room:

Semi Finished Nursery

Semi Finished Nursery

Time to stock up!

The Nursery – Part 2 – Transport Logistics

This is a continuation of Part 1 of the Nursery Setup.

After tirelessly cleaning and moving all of the stuff we have accumulated over the last few years, I finished up clearing out the office at around 1 am on Saturday morning. The desks I had to leave inside of the room as I could not move it by myself. This was the final product of a weeks worth of cleaning:

Clean Office

Clean Office

Transport Logistics
Earlier in the year, we had purchased some nursery furniture as it was on sale. We had no space at all to store it in our apartment, so we had to stored it at my in-law’s place between the sale and when we were going to transport it over to the nursery. As a quick tip, I would highly recommend doing that, when you are expecting and you see a deal, take it. Don’t wait for it. We are looking around now for deals, and there are none to be had! Anyways, since the furniture is off site, the logistics of transporting the items to the new nursery posed as an interesting problem.

First, the dimensions and weight of the boxes were varied. Last time, we needed two cars to transport the boxes a short distance from the store, the trunks wouldn’t close, and we had to use a roof rack. We had a few other people helping us load it on and into the cars. The dresser we picked out is pretty heavy. This time, we didn’t have that luxury. We knew a car and also dollies and other moving tools would be required for this one.

Second, the vehicles used last time was not really made to transport heavy boxes like this. While it was ok going only a few kilometers, this time, we had to travel 30 km on a highway and some sections of the road are under construction and not really well paved. We needed another vehicle to transport it. Looking around the options available, between gas, mileage, and time, most places would have an estimated cost of $100. While it’s not much, at that price, we might as well book someone to move it for us. Before we resorted to looking for reputable shipping companies (though we thought about putting it on uShip), we looked at Zipcar to see if they also had some vehicles available for yesterday. We found 2 possibilities, a Ford E-150 or a Toyota Tacoma. I would have preferred to get the Ford because it was covered, but the boxes would not have fit into the van. We ended up selecting the open bed Toyota Tacoma and hoped that it would not rain. (It didn’t. Yay!) The only condition to be concerned about is time, as you don’t want to return your Zipcar later than the expected time.

Third, living in the downtown core, it means that travelling to our place isn’t as easy as pulling into a driveway and just dropping stuff off and leaving your car on the side of the street. Traffic can get kinda crazy. The truck needs to move around in tight spots at a moments notice to avoid honking and angry people. This one is all timing, you pick a time and hope that you don’t run into a game of some sort that can gridlock the roads.

Fourth, living in an apartment means that elevators and delivery doors need to be booked ahead of time, and there are dimensions to consider as well. You don’t want to have boxes show up and then find out that you can’t fit it through the door or at any point between the truck to the nursery. Measuring before the move is highly recommended. We had a good idea of where everything was going to go, and how we were going to move it there by the time we had help available to actually do the move.

The Transporter
We had booked earlier in the morning at 8 am to avoid the traffic at least for one leg of the trip. I had planned to wake up at around 6:45 am to get ready, eat breakfast, and do some last-minute shuffling and dimension checking. And then head out of the door at around 7:30 am to drive to the location of the Zipcar. While that was in the plan, the reality was a smashed alarm clock (by me) at 6:50 am and then me rolling out of the bed to get my Dad’s call five minutes before we had to head out. We barely made it out at 7:45 am. Luckily, I planned enough buffer into the travel time and we managed to get there just at 8 am. After a walk around the car and the usual Zipcar checking routine, which was noted as a dirty car with scratches on the hood and sides, dirty scratched interior, and less than a 1/4 tank of gas, we were on our wounded way.

Once at my in-law’s place, we quickly loaded the items. We noticed that one of the boxes was too tall and it needed to be tied up some way so that the taller item doesn’t flip and fall over while driving on the highway and causing a catastrophic accident. We ended up tying the two of the boxes together in the hopes that the heavier one will keep the other from falling over.

Once we deemed everything secure, we drove away (slowly so things don’t fall out of the open bed) to beat the countdown to the Zipcar return. During the whole trip, I was checking the gap between the two boxes. Whenever I felt uncomfortable with the distance between them at the top, I just stopped to the side and checked the straps. In total, I had to stop twice, once before I got on the highway, and once after.

The drive to the apartment was a fairly smooth, with the occasional bumps here and there. We did notice a lot more cars on the road. I think everyone had just finished their Saturday Cartoons and were out and about for lunch. It was a sunny day, and luckily not too windy. I can’t imagine what would have happened if we got hit by a sudden gust of wind. Our nursery furniture would probably could have been in pieces, sprawled out over the highway.

Once we got to the apartment, the doors and elevators were opened for us to move these boxes to the suite. All in all, the apartment experience was excellent. With this task under my belt, I cannot stress the importance of the role a dolly plays in this situation. Having all the floors effectively at one level, the dollies were back saving instruments. Once we loaded it on the dolly from the truck (there were some tipping iffy parts there), it was a simple matter of just wheeling it to the elevator and eventually in our suite.

Apologies, I didn’t take any pictures of the actual travel from and to our apartment, because I was too busy making sure that I was driving at speeds where the wind wasn’t going to catch the box and make it fly, and I was staring at the distance between the two boxes from my rear view mirror. Instead, this is what the boxes looked like in our place once they were delivered.

Nursery Furniture in Boxes. Success!

Nursery Furniture in Boxes. Success!

The Nursery Game Plan…

  1. The Den Contents to Cache
  2. The Den Furniture to Distribute
  3. The Office Contents to Cache
  4. Transport Furniture On-Site
  5. The Office Furniture to Den
  6. The Nursery Furniture to the Old Office (New Nursery) – We are here…
  7. The Nursery Contents to the Nursery
  8. The Office Contents to Den

Items in italics have been moved or added since the last post.

Now I know how the people on Shipping Wars feel like!

The Nursery – Part 1 – Playing Musical Rooms

The Nursery Room Game Plan

The Nursery Room Game Plan

The layout of our apartment is pretty typical. It’s a two bedroom with a den and solarium sitting at roughly a 1,000 square feet. This place has grown up through the years from being a bachelor pad to a DINK (Dual Income No Kids) lodging. Now, it’s about to undergo another transformation, into a DEWK (Dually Employed With Kid) home. In an effort to get everything set up, we have been shuffling a lot of things around.
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