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Ethan @ One

Hands Up?!

Hands Up?!

Time for an Ethan Update!
I can’t believe it’s been a year. It only seemed like yesterday that Evelyn met Ethan for the first time when we brought him home. It has been a rough year, learning that juggling two kids is much more difficult than one, re-learning things that we thought we would remember but didn’t, and all packed in with some pretty big changes throughout the year, like moving to a new house…

Here are the latest updates for Ethan:

  • Wow, what a difference it made when he was nearing the one year mark. It almost feels like he grew up overnight. He’s expressing himself more, he understands when you ask him things (like show waiting), he knows what he wants, oh, and he’s just as stubborn as the rest of the family. lol.
  • Right now, he’s crawling around pretty quickly. He’s also fairly adept at cruising when standing up. One time I saw him hugging a wall like Spider-Man, it looked like he was scaling the wall moving horizontally to the door. The teachers at daycare are saying now that he is on the cusp of walking. Can’t wait until we have to chase after him #sarcasm.
  • As of recently, he eats just about anything. We keep him away from seafood just as a precaution. His teeth have come in, two on top and bottom, and more on the way. So we have been giving him solid foods that he’s loving. With Evelyn, we had a phase where she liked pureed stuff, but with Ethan, he wouldn’t have it. He didn’t like purees at all and skipped right to solids, even when he didn’t have teeth!
  • And just as we remembered it, teething sucks…
  • He’s growing pretty long but he’s pretty sturdy. I remember there was a time just before a year, when I picked him up and realized that he wasn’t the fragile baby he once was. He had quite a heft to him and he felt strong in my arms. A recent illness thinned him out a little, but he looks so grown up now, even compared to these first year pictures.
  • Car rides have been fun – he wants our attention a lot during the longer rides. This is probably because he is still backwards facing and he gets bored with the scenery. At times, I want to flip him over to the front because I feel that it would make his car ride experience a lot more enjoyable, being able to see us and what’s going in the direction we are moving. But safety first… So until he grows even taller and heavier, he’ll have to settle for Evelyn passing snacks and being the entertainment (it’s so cute by the way).

Recently, we worked again with Trayc from Blue Rooster Studio for Ethan’s First Year Shoot. Here are some pictures from the shoot:

On another note, I am working on the site redesign.
I need to update the banners and some of the drawings.
First though, I am trying to learn how to draw more than just stick figures and boxes!
Hopefully, I’ll have some concepts and drawings to share soon.

That’s it for now.

Vegetable of the Week: Pineapple


This past week, the baby is the size of a pineapple or four oranges. Guidelines in terms of measurement size and weight in the footnotes are ~16.1 inches head to heel and ~3.3 lbs in weight.┬áIt’s kind of a weird size to be four oranges… Doesn’t it feel like they could have picked a better option? I mean, pineapple works. I think there are enough average vegetable sizes that it could have matched with a unique set of produce.

Anyways, baby is moving more than last week, as expected. It’s stronger too. It’s kind of funny to see my wife’s belly change shape as the baby moves. If we provide some outside stimulus around the same area of the movement, it responds with more movement. I haven’t quite figured out what part is moving yet, whether it is its arm, leg, hands, and/or feet. I think I got its feet last time. Maybe it’ll become more apparent in the coming weeks.



Vegetable of the Week: Large Cabbage

A way to track the progress of the baby is by vegetable/food size. It seems to be very popular. I mean, Drew Barrymore named her daughter Olive because she read that her baby was the size of an olive at one point in time. Last week, our baby is the size of a butternut squash or an acorn squash depending on which guide you use. This week it’s the size of a large cabbage or a cucumber. I think maybe my sizing estimates in my imagination are a bit off, but it seems that they are fairly different sizes in my mind. Luckily for me, they also give guidelines in terms of measurement size and weight in the footnotes: ~16 inches head to heel and ~3 lbs in weight.

It’s getting bigger and stronger with its actions. We can often see it moving around in there. It’s quite something to physically see movement through my wife’s belly. I try to imagine how it’s moving in there, sometimes I wonder if it’s moving around now to get practice with yawning, turning over, rubbing its eyes or nose, and giving high fives. Or judging from its activity, maybe even running, kick boxing, skiing, or something…

Tiny Baby Through The Womb High Five!