The E2 Chapter of Wired Fatherhood

So it has been a while since I have written to this blog. Life has been extremely busy, both at work and at home. I have been going on business trips for the past couple of months and coupled with the plethora of things to do at the new house, I haven’t really had time to sit down and get back into the groove of writing.

Since the Year One + 4 months post, it has been another 4 months. (Apologies, I should get back into a more consistent schedule soon!) Evelyn is now 20 months old and doing quite a bit. She is talking a lot and running around asking for and doing things. She is beginning to show her character which I’ll classify as caring, inquisitive, and sometimes a little “strong willed” (read: stubborn) like her parents. She is learning lots in daycare and is really enjoying her time with the teachers and peers there. I’ll get into more in subsequent posts. :-)

Anyways, so one of the other reasons for my hiatus from writing is because we were busy preparing for another little package’s arrival! The last couple of days have been a blur and we are running on a single digit of sleep between the 2 of us. More on that in subsequent posts too. :-)

Today, I am adding some new categories to the posts for better navigation. I will also be changing some of the images and possibly layout of the site. In terms of content, there will be a series of posts coming out shortly about this ever changing journey that is fatherhood.

Welcome to the E2 Chapter of Wired Fatherhood!

Announcement Teaser


That’s it for now.
Stay Tuned!


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