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8 Months!

Look at my hat!

Look at my hat!

Month 8. This is another backdated post because I didn’t have a chance to actually write a post until now. You can have a look at the previous backfill post here. Bandwidth warning, this post will have lots of pictures after the jump.

Christmas! It was Evelyn’s first Christmas. We had just finished moving the bulk of everything into the new place, on perhaps one of the craziest days of the year (weather-wise). Scroll down below to see some shots that we took of her. But first – status! Here are some of her updates from the last month:

  • Locomotion – She can pull herself up to stand now, without help from us. She still can’t stand on her own, but we can see that she is experimenting with it. She has tried letting go on her toy for a couple of seconds before sitting herself down on the floor. Actually, she prefers to stand instead of sitting or crawling.
  • Babbling – She is continuing to become more vocal and expressive. There was this one time where she was using the couch to balance herself, and then with the other hand, she lifted it up in the air and waved it a little, while on a tirade about something or other for about half a minute. It was quite amusing, I wish that we recorded it.
  • Sitting Up – She can sit herself up without help from any one or pulling on anything. She kind of just rolls her upper body and head, like you are doing a sit up, until she can use her hands to prop herself up.
  • Sleeping Through the Night – We started to wean her from dream feeds now. Initially, she was fussy and crying around the time that she was expecting her dream feed, but after a couple of days she was sleeping until 7 or 8 am. She has some occasional whining in the middle of the night, but it’s likely that she woke up from a dream or sometimes we think it’s due to her teething. She tends to toss and turns a little, and then she is back sound asleep.
  • Food Stuffs – We gave her pork to try, and she loves it. Actually, just about anything we gave her, she is more than happy to eat it – even the sour stuff. We have some priceless images of her squinting after getting a spoonful of apple blueberry puree that she (and we think so too) thought was really sour. It is interesting how that facial expression is not a learned response, and that it is reflexive and universal across individuals and ages.
  • MyCarrier – She loves being carried in the MyCarrier. Specifically, when she is forward facing and looking out from a higher vantage point than she is used to. I will walk in front of a mirror with her in the MyCarrier and she is kicking, laughing, and generally excited to see herself. Furthermore, I think she is beginning to figure out that its a mirror. I see her staring at me through the mirror and then suddenly look up to see me and then she flips back to my image in the mirror.
  • Teeth – Her bottom incisors have come up a bit more now and are pretty prominent. She knows to use her teeth to bite things. She does it with the rice husks that we give her. She sounds like an adult, munching away at it.
  • Dancing – When she hears music or a tune, she will shake her bum, squat up and down, and dance to the music. She sometimes even likes to sing along with you.
  • Waving – When you wave at her, either to greet her or to say goodbye, she also sticks her hand up and mimics the wave.
  • Fever – She had her first fever this month. I was sick, then Helen was sick, and finally, she had a fever for a couple of days. It was a scary experience for us. I kept trying to check her temp to make sure that she wasn’t over heating. We brought her to the doctor to make sure that she was alright. There were times when she was hovering pretty close to that line for parents where it becomes scary and we were ready to pack everything up and go to the hospital. Luckily, she was able to fight it off herself with the help of some baby Tylenol. After the fever broke, she had a non-itchy rash all over her body. Looking it up online, it seems to have been Roseola.

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Glass Invites!

Google Glass

Google Glass

So… I have some Glass invites available!

Just a reminder that all Glass Explorers must:
-Be US residents
-Be at least 18 years old
-Be able to purchase Glass
-Provide a US shipping address or pick up their Glass in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles

Let me know in the comments below if you are interested and what you would use it for!

7 Months!

Month 7. As of month 7, there were a few changes. This is a backdated post because I didn’t have a chance to actually write a post until now. With the move and everything that went on, it was extremely busy. I finally got a chance to sit down and catch up.

Here are some of her updates from that month:

  • Locomotion – Evelyn’s primary method of locomotion is crawling. This month, she is quite proficient at crawling. She was able to crawl from the foam mats in the living room, all the way into the hall to the laundry room. And she is FAST, sometimes it seems like we are turn our head to do something, and then when we turn back a few seconds later, it’s like she teleported to another location.
  • Babbling – We hear “mama mama” or “dada” more now, we still aren’t sure if she is actually calling out for us. The new thing for this month seems to be a bit of phrasing. It’s like she is trying to tell us something in a sentence, but she doesn’t know the words yet.
  • Sitting Up – She’s basically able to sit upright now, with the occasional lean/fall backwards. If we give her two fingers in front of her while she is on her back, she’ll grab them and pull herself up. It sometimes reminds me of me trying to do sit ups. haha
  • Sleeping Through the Night – Generally speaking, she still goes to sleep at around 8pm and wakes up at around 7am. But recently, she has been waking up in the middle of the night, around 1 or 2 in the morning. It might be the new environment, it might be teething, this one is still a mystery to us.
  • Weaning – We are continuing to make our own baby food by boiling down some apples, pears, and carrots to mash up and feed her with. Recently, we introduced butternut squash, peas, bananas, and even chicken. She seems to really like all of it, and jumps at the chance to eat whatever we give her. We also make her sit with us during dinner, when she sees that we are eating, she would start drooling, smacking her lips, and reaching for our food. Then she’ll start whining until we get some of her food for her so she can eat with us.
  • Drinking – She can now independently use the sippy cup. She swings it around and drops it on the floor repeatedly, probably because she forgets that she is holding it, but when she wants water or something to chew on, she’ll bring it right up to her mouth.
  • Teeth – She has cut her first and second tooth. They show up a little nubs and then you begin to see it coming it. It must be bothersome and is probably the reason why she is waking up in the middle of the night.
  • Recognition – She can recognize people now. Sometimes you catch her staring and trying to figure out who you are. But when she does, she seems very happy to see us. Usually by smiling and calling out to us. We don’t know if she knows it’s her reflection, but she is super excited when she sees herself in the mirror

Onward to Month 8! (Post will be put up shortly)