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We are moving! – Part 1

So in addition to the updates I had mentioned before, we are moving! I had left it off of the other updates because it felt like that this deserved its own post, but I didn’t actually get around to writing it until now. Also, I think this is going to be a multi-part post.

House Shopping

House Shopping with Evelyn

Once Evelyn had arrived, we decided that it would be time to move to a bigger place. We had begun to outgrow our condo even without Evelyn, so now with her, it’s definitely time for us to look for a house. Initially, I had thought that we would be able to manage where we are for a few years, but with the stuff that we have been accumulating (all three of us), it makes it hard to move around without stepping on something or having a hard time trying to look for something that we so neatly packed away.

I have always worked by a particular concept about storage, space, and stuff, and it’s basically an adapted form of Garbage Collection in Computer Science. (Fitting, no?) The concept is that if the item that is laying around and in the way, assess whether or not it will be needed in the near future, and store it away accordingly. In effect, the things that you use the most will stay in the common areas, like the counter tops in the kitchen or the dining table that’s a makeshift desk, and the things that are not being used as much will be stored in shelves, drawers, and boxes. And anything else, like the things you absolutely don’t need at the moment, goes in the locker. Conceptually, this works because the things that you use often will be easily accessible to you and the things that are not really necessary will migrate to deep storage. However, the critical flaw comes when, just like a computer running out of space, you need to buy more space so more objects can fit into the system to run efficiently.

While total space is just one issue, another one is the area to store the frequently used stuff. Imagine if you use everything in your house frequently, you are probably not going to have much permanent storage space. Everything will need to be easily accessible at your fingertips, which also means that everything will not be packed neatly away. This generates an image of organized chaos when someone walks into your house. The first thing they’ll think of is “this place is a mess”, even if everything is placed in a location that makes perfect sense to you. It happens all the time, I would know exactly where I put my stuff on our working table (Yes, it’s a mess), but once Helen cleans and packs everything up, it takes me literally an hour to find it again. Now, when it’s a small table in an apartment, it’s not that bad, but if this type of space takes up a large portion of the available space in your house, someone is going to have an issue with it. For us, not only are we running out of total space, our ratio between frequently used stuff to total space getting to be a little unacceptable, even to my standards.

With that in mind, we were off to the market looking for another house with a bigger total area.

To be continued…