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Last week we scheduled our newborn photo shoot with our photographer, the wonderful Ms. Trayc Dudgeon of Blue Rooster Studio. She had done our maternity shoot a while back (see some of the highlights here). This is the second part of the package that we picked. It is a newborn photo shoot scheduled shortly after her birth. Due to the long drive and some traditions that we are trying to follow, we did not make the trek to her studio, but instead had her come over to do the shoot in the comfort of our home.

This time she brought along her assistant, Shelly, to help out with transforming our living room into her studio. Luckily, we have large windows at our place and we were able to use it to get some pretty good natural lighting. When we opened our door, we saw that Trayc was well prepared with props, backdrops, and lighting equipment. The surprising part wasn’t the amount of equipment (though it was shocking how much stuff they brought), but how she managed to unpack everything, rearrange some furniture, and was ready to go in such a short amount of time.

From my limited experience, I think babies and photographs are generally easy IF and ONLY IF you are taking pictures of them doing what comes natural to them, e.g. eating, sleeping, etc. However, when it comes to posing and positioning them, it can be quite challenging. We sometimes have trouble having her hold still while we try to swaddle her in blankets and changing her diaper. She manages to ‘Houdini’ an arm free or have her whole body in an odd angle that requires us to re-wrap her. Furthermore, because of their lack of motor control, babies are generally unable to keep a position for long. Despite these challenges, Trayc and her assistant had no trouble with Evelyn and managed to coax some very good shots out of her.

Similar to the maternity photo shoot, I was more or less a prop in the whole process as the focus was on Evelyn. So again, when I was not busy as a prop, I was able to get some behind the scenes shots. Here are some shots I took from behind the scenes:

Again, it was a pleasure working with them. We are excited to see how these photos turned out and look forward to getting them printed and placed around the house!


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