The Nursery – Part 1 – Playing Musical Rooms

The Nursery Room Game Plan

The Nursery Room Game Plan

The layout of our apartment is pretty typical. It’s a two bedroom with a den and solarium sitting at roughly a 1,000 square feet. This place has grown up through the years from being a bachelor pad to a DINK (Dual Income No Kids) lodging. Now, it’s about to undergo another transformation, into a DEWK (Dually Employed With Kid) home. In an effort to get everything set up, we have been shuffling a lot of things around.

The Den to Cache
First, we had a den that we have been using as a storage room. It was full of consumables and some furniture. It was initially set up as a sitting area for guests. But as we accumulated more things, It became a storage dump of stuff. It was handy too because it’s right by the door so I had a lot of my gear there. We had to empty out the room and redistribute some of the furniture. It took a while and I found that we may have over purchased because I found three bags of a dozen rolls of paper towels (I think we have another one in the locker). Why I bought so many, I am not sure, but I think we just pick it up whenever there is space in the car and it’s on sale… Other items we had in there was the nursery stuff. We had bought a lot of items in preparation for Baby Chung. This collection of items is now sitting in the solarium, our current temporary space (cache). And I had some other items such as books that are now sitting in our living room with everything stacked to be as compact as possible.

It was FULL with all of the boxes and stuff that is now in the cache

Emptier Den

The Cache... So Far...

The Cache… So Far…

The Office Contents to Cache
Next, we need to empty out the office into the dining area and living area so that we can move the furniture in the office into the den. That should be an interesting endeavor, as the last time I moved those desks resulted in me almost breaking them because I had dragged it before my friend had lifted up the other end and the desk totally turned into rhombus. There was that sickening cracking sound as wood splinters. :-( Not fun…

The office still to be emptied...

The Messy Office

Anyways, currently, we are at this step of moving the office contents to the various open spaces that we have in the dining and living area. I managed to find some notes from high school and university in the book shelves. While it was fun going down memory lane, I think it’s time to toss it. My criteria for throwing something out the same as the algorithm for garbage collection. If it has any measurable mm of dust on it, it hasn’t been used in a while and it is time to toss it. That should handle most of the things in there that should really be purged. Hopefully, this will result in an office with more space!

Once that’s done I’ll have to move all of the furniture and computers to the new room with minimal down time and also wiring everything up… I don’t remember how I hooked everything together, and I am sure I had gone through layers of revisions where I added and removed devices without realigning the wires and keeping it neat. So that’s not going to be fun either… I might just have to start from scratch and sort all of these wires and pieces before I move them into the Den. Hmmm, maybe I can power up my computer servers in the cache while I move and rearrange the furniture in the den, now office.

This will probably be me when I try to rearrange all of the wires...

This will probably be me when I try to rearrange all of the wires…

The Nursery Game Plan…

  1. The Den Contents to Cache
  2. The Den Furniture to Distribute
  3. The Office Contents to Cache – We are here…
  4. The Office Furniture to Den
  5. The Office Contents to Den
  6. The Nursery Furniture to the Old Office (New Nursery)
  7. The Nursery Contents to the Nursery

Time to get tangled!

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