Vegetable of the Week: Pineapple


This past week, the baby is the size of a pineapple or four oranges. Guidelines in terms of measurement size and weight in the footnotes are ~16.1 inches head to heel and ~3.3 lbs in weight. It’s kind of a weird size to be four oranges… Doesn’t it feel like they could have picked a better option? I mean, pineapple works. I think there are enough average vegetable sizes that it could have matched with a unique set of produce.

Anyways, baby is moving more than last week, as expected. It’s stronger too. It’s kind of funny to see my wife’s belly change shape as the baby moves. If we provide some outside stimulus around the same area of the movement, it responds with more movement. I haven’t quite figured out what part is moving yet, whether it is its arm, leg, hands, and/or feet. I think I got its feet last time. Maybe it’ll become more apparent in the coming weeks.



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