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Today we were at a maternity photo shoot with our photographer, the wonderful Ms. Trayc Dudgeon of Blue Rooster Studio. We found her many years ago when we first got engaged and booked her to work with us on our engagement and wedding photos. We loved her photos, several of which are still on display around our apartment, so we decided to work with her again as we move onto another chapter of our lives.

My wife was a little nervous and self-conscious about having photos done while she was pregnant, but Trayc made it a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. While my wife and her bump were the center of attention and the main subject of the shoot, I was the prop that was called in to show up every now and then. It was like I was an extra on a movie shoot. This worked out well because she kindly allowed me to document the shoot with my own camera. So when I was not a prop, I was able to get some behind the scenes shots. Here’s a teaser from behind the scenes.

Maternity Photo Shoot Teaser - B&W

We are excited to see how the final product. It was a pleasure working with her again, and we look forward to the newborn photo shoot in a couple of months.


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