Status – 20130312 – 1813

Mid Week Status!
(Because I forgot to post it at usual time…)

Last week and the weekend was pretty busy. There were lots of things going on at work and I didn’t get a chance to write as much as I would like. Currently working on a couple of projects, one of which is a new blog post. It’s taken longer than expected to gather the necessary information for it. I will hopefully be able to get it out of the door this week.

In other news, the wife is taking it easy now and finishing up some reports. After those are done and a sufficient amount of time has been used for relaxing, we’ll be going full steam ahead with cleaning up our current den (read: storage area) and office, and then turning them into our new office and nursery. I am looking forward to getting everything set up and posting about the process.

I have already moved some of the items out of the den, but there are a few big items that need to be moved to a new home. It shouldn’t be too difficult… What I am dreading is gutting out the office, there are SO many wires in there that hook up the 3-4 computers that are usually running inside. In addition, there are 3 book shelves in there with notes probably dating back to high school. As they have a health layer of dust on them from disuse, I will give it a quick look and dump out what I can.

Stay tuned!



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