Thoughts on Baby Food

The other day at work, a colleague of mine had a surprise baby shower. During it there was a contest to see if he and a group of us could figure out the flavor of some random baby food. While I did not participate in the festivities as I was filming (which netted some very interesting videos and expressions), I did become curious as to what it would taste like.

The next time I was at the supermarket, I saw that some of the baby food was on sale so I decided to give it a shot. My wife had no interest as she has had to taste different textures of food during her studies, but she played along and encouraged me to try them for her entertainment.

We purchased the following products because it was on sale and because it contained ‘organic’ ingredients and less preservatives. General rule of thumb, the less stuff in the ingredients list that is hard to pronounce, the healthier it ‘should’ be.

The Baby Food

The Baby Food

PC Organic Apple Strained Baby Food
This is a stage 1 food, meant for babies at 6+ months.
The texture was nice, and it was no different from eating apple sauce. It was not as sweet, which is good I guess. Here is a picture of it being squeezed out of the package:

Baby Food - Exhibit A

Baby Food – Exhibit A

Baby Gourmet Simply Sweet Potato
This was also a stage 1 food, meant for babies at 6+ months.
The texture was thicker than expected, it felt a little weird because I think in my mind the adult analogue to this sweet potato taste would be sweet potato fries (best if fried in duck fat). It was very different from that, it was kind of bland and wasn’t as easy to swallow as the apple sauce. Here is a picture of it being squeezed out of the package:

Baby Food - Exhibit B

Baby Food – Exhibit B

Baby Gourmet Chicken Minestrone Soup
This was a stage 3 food, meant for babies at 8+ months.
The texture was pretty gross, being squeezed out of the bag with chunks. Maybe it could have been better if it was in a jar or something… I am sad to say that I could not finish this. It was nothing like my mental image of chicken minestrone soup. It was a bad mixture of bland flavors. Here is a picture of if being squeezed out of the package:

Baby Food - Exhibit C

Baby Food – Exhibit C

Overall Comments
Here are the notes and insights that I gathered from this tasting:

  • The more basic the food, the more palatable it is
  • Baby food has very little seasoning in it, they are not salty or sweet
  • There is absolutely no oil in the stage 1 food, in fact, I felt that it took oil away as my mouth was rough after finishing the sweet potato
  • If protein is involved, it will probably not taste very good
  • Complex combinations are really more for the parents than it is for the baby… (Parent: Oh look, my baby is having chicken minestrone soup! Me: Um… this tastes nothing like it)
  • Expectations of flavor may have contributed to my reactions to the food
  • Given that basic foods are better, it’s better to just make mashed up simple basic fresh food for the baby




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